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About Basecamp Co-Pack

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Product Development

Process Scaling and Refinement

Ingredient Sourcing


Manufacturing and Co-Packing



Food Safety and Recall Plans

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Who We Are


Just three short years ago, Fourpoints Energy Bars (our partners) produced our products at a commissary, hand mixing and hand cutting small batches of our bars.  Like all small businesses, we wanted to grow.  In order for us to grow, we needed to be out growing the business, not spending all week in a kitchen making bars. There was simply not enough time to run the business, grow the business and make the product the way we were doing it. We knew the best way to grow the business was to find a co-packer.  Anyone that has spent time looking for a co-packer knows what a difficult experience it is.  Most co-packers want minimums of tens of thousands of bars a run.  We didn’t have the financial means or the retail support to justify going from a couple of thousand bars a week to thirty thousand.  After a long search, we found a company that was willing to do it for us at a price we could afford.  We spent weeks buying and customizing equipment, changing our formulation to fit their production, doing hours of paperwork and finally ordering all the ingredients for our first production run and a week before the scheduled production...they went out of business.  Closed the doors.  We were literally lost.  We had nowhere to go.  Our options went back to - commissary that’s too small or co-packer we can’t afford.  Scrappy guys that we are, we scrounged up some investment money and bought the machines we needed to scale our production on our own.  A friend in the industry saved our bacon by letting us rent some space in her facility and after a couple of months we were up and running again.  Eventually we were able to afford our own space and now here we are.  Barely survived but we did it.

Why We're Doing This


Our story is not a realistic end for most people. Without the strong support from our investors and the help from many friends in the industry, we’d be gone.  Most other businesses would be too.  We have come to realize that there are probably a lot of food businesses in the same boat we were in. Want to grow, can’t afford to.  So we decided to be the people we wish would've been there for us. Affordable, ok with smaller runs, flexible contracts, room to grow and support at every level.  We want to solve problems and alleviate some stress, not create more of either.

What We're Hoping To Accomplish


We have a food dream too, so we get it.  Whether your dream is to get rich and sell your product to Nabisco for millions or to produce a craft item lovingly made for a smaller audience, we want to support the industry by supporting the dreamers. We want to help get your product from the bench top to to wherever you want your dream to take you.  It's our goal to have you fire us someday, not because we suck (we don't) but because you've outgrown our little operation and need a bigger facility to grow.  We're the middle guy trying to help the little guy.

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