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What is co-packing?

Co-Packing is contract food manufacturing.  A food brand hires a food manufacturer to produce a food product.  Here is a good article explaining co-packing and what to expect -

When should I consider hiring a co-packer?

There is no perfect time for most companies.  Some companies are growing fast and need a co-packer to keep up or continue to grow.  Some want to work on growing the business instead of spending time making the product.  Some aren’t familiar with the industry but have a great food idea that they want to get to market.  Basecamp Co-Pack can help launch small startups and help emerging or established brands grow.

How much does co-packing cost?

It depends on the product, the production requirements and the amounts ordered.  Co-packing is expensive, but as your business grows costs can be reduced by ordering in higher quantities and refining the production process.  Basecamp Co-Pack offers very competitive pricing and we are one of a very few co-packing companies that offer small production runs and R&D for emerging brands.

What is R&D?

R&D, or Research and Development, is the process of finding out how to manufacture a specific product.  R&D is required on most new products in order to find out the product quality, production processes and production costs.  R&D helps increase the products “speed to market” and product quality, while helping reduce waste and overall costs.  It is almost always necessary for a brand to do R&D when moving to a new production facility.  It is always necessary for a new product.  Basecamp Co-Pack offers R&D for new and emerging brands and products, as well as established brands and larger businesses wanting to test a new product or process.

What are your minimums?

We don’t have a minimum order size at Basecamp Co-Pack.  There is no monthly contractual commitment. For larger orders we charge per unit. For smaller orders and R&D we charge by the hour.  The charge per unit and charge per hour is dependent on the product and production process.


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